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about us

‘Pasamon’ was founded in Bydgoszcz in 1921. We are an experienced manufacturer of high quality webbing and technical haberdashery. We can boast rich traditions as well as promising prospects for future. In 1997 our company was privatized and transformed into an employee-owned company. In 2021, we will be celebrating our 100th anniversary!

We can currently offer our Clients a wide choice of products including almost 2500 types of webbing which width ranges from 3 to 130 mm. Moreover, we expand this wide choice by about 50 new products yearly. Some of them are designed and prepared to meet specific requirements of our Clients. Our technologists can also offer advice as to the right choice of webbing for particular use or they can prepare a new type of product to satisfy Client’s needs.

Our webbing has a variety of applications:

  • furniture industry: elastic and non-elastic upholstery webbing, trimmings, rubber bands;
  • leather-working: straps for bags, backpacks, sports and tourist equipment;
  • harness and seatbelt webbing
  • jacquard webbing;
  • military use: special webbing used to produce parachutes, uniforms and military equipment;
  • mining industry: oil- and waterproof webbing, antielectrostatic, almost non flammable webbing, heat shrink webbing;
  • tobacco industry: endless webbing slings;
  • eye& eye, triangle & triangle lifting slings and endless slings;
  • ratchet straps (lashing systems);
  • technical webbing for special purposes, suited to the particular needs of our Clients.

We manufacture our webbing from linen, cotton, polyamide (PA 6 and PA 6.6), polyester (PE) and polypropylene (PP).

We also work in our metrological laboratory which is equipped with a modern measurement apparatus. We can study the technical parameters of textile products. We have also established regular cooperation with many institutions which may certify the high quality of our products.

In order to satisfy our Clients and provide them with the high quality products, in 2004 we introduced ISO 9001 quality management system.

Our regular Clients can benefit from:
  • attractive trade terms,
  • interesting price reductions,
  • favourable payment terms,
  • our transport.


You are welcome to benefit from our offer!
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